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1 | Video Courses & Communication Tools

We have created engaging compliance communication to power your compliance. The hundreds unique communication tools cover 14 legal topics are short, entertaining & engaging which means that your employees are learning continuously. Every piece of content has a clear message and a call to action and include:

  • 2 mins compliance bites - application.
  • 7-10 Minute Videos - concepts
  • Cartoons
  • Newsletters
  • Articles & Blog Pieces
  • Posters
  • Training aids
  • and many more

Use our tools to create immersive 360 degree compliance communication experiences for your staff to supplement ongoing programs.

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Videos Courses

We specialize in micro-learning, short bursts of learning available on demand. The bite-sized chunks of learning typically lasts no more than 10 minutes.

This type of express learning can improve learner engagement and knowledge retention. It is also better suited to mobile devices. We have training multiple training videos covering multiple topics that will ensure that compliance remains top of mind. The content is available on demand on mobile devices.

Don't have a training platform? Use our LMS to manage your training.

Code of Conduct Manual

Code of Conduct (CoC) Manuals center compliance programs. This module has 9 series and is designed to stay true to our micro-learning focus while covering all CoC key areas. This format makes your employee's interaction with your CoC manual engaging and sticky.

Data Privacy Unpacked

Kenyan companies are required to adopt sound data privacy and protection practices. This self-paced course will guide you and your employees towards effective compliance.

Bribery & Corruption Unpacked

Your employees need to be aware of the potential for bribery & corruption and its impacts at a personal and enterprise level.

This library will help your employees understand how to comply with legal requirements.

Harassment Unpacked

Harassment takes on many forms and have the potential of turning a workplace toxic. This module will encourage a positive work culture by training your employees to understand, avoid and respond to all types of harassment.

Conflict of Interest Unpacked

When your employees are incentivized to prioritize their own interests at the expense of the company, a conflict of interest arises. This course will empower your employees to do the right things.

Compliance Unpacked!

We cover 14 areas of law. Other areas that we unpack in our videos include Antitrust, Company Resources, Accurate Records, Laws & Regulations, Gifts & Hospitality, Email & IT, Safety & Health, Sustainability & Climate Change and many more!

The Complete Code of Conduct & Ethics Video Series!

Our 9 part video series adopts the micro-learning format. The format allows the series to be consumed in bits, or as a whole, for a global view of your compliance priorities.

Free Tools

2 | Compliance Workshops & Video Courses

Based on case studies drawn from recent precedents, our workshops are highly practical, relevant and engaging. Our compliance video courses focus on best practice and provides executives with the skills to manage risk and implement effective compliance frameworks.

We also provide on-site training on request.

Featured Workshops | Data Compliance

  • What is Personal Data

    • Provides a basic understanding of data protection.
    • Helps you assess the types of data your business uses.
  • Handling Sensitive Information

    • Looks at special category data.
    • The measures needed if you process this type of information.
  • The Principles

    • Reviews the Principles that underpin the Kenyan Data Protection Law
    • The right steps to ensure compliance with data rights.
  • The Rights

    • The rights of the individual.
    • The Principles that will help you take the right steps to ensure you are handling rights requests correctly.
  • The ODPC

    Understand the role, responsibilities and powers of the ODPC.

Compliance Workshops


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