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We are different.

We are a boutique law firm that focuses almost exclusively on corporate governance, ethics and compliance. We help companies foster a positive workplace culture by facilitating employee engagement through our e-learning platform and comprehensive compliance management system.

We credit better compliance programs with better compliance outcomes. The programs need to be tailor-made, accountable, localised and effective from a business perspective as well as acceptable from a regulator's standpoint. We help clients achieve those standards.

Our Services | Full compliance support

  • Program Evaluation and Improvement

    We help our clients to evaluate and improve the efficacy of their ethics and compliance programs. This helps them to prevent misconduct from happening and mitigate its negative outcomes in the event that misconduct does occur.

  • Risk Assessment

    We help clients assess their ethics and compliance risks so that they can design and apply tailor-made compliance interventions.

  • Training & Development

    We help our clients design and implement impactful and effective training and communication programs that bedrock their compliance and ethics programs.

  • Data Analytics & Automation

    We assist clients in enhancing the data-driven and automated aspects of their compliance efforts. This empowers compliance teams to respond to evolving situations and circumstances with efficiency and agility.

  • Independent Monitoring

    We act as an independent compliance monitor or consultant, aiding our clients in implementing interventions in response to regulatory compliance incidents, under regulator-mandated remediation agreements.

  • Fractional Compliance Management

    When clients can benefit from temporary resource injections or specialised skills to address their compliance challenges, we step in to assist.

  • Transactional Support

    We assist in overseeing compliance related to risks in M&A transactions through pre-deal due diligence and continuous monitoring of compliance programs.

  • Dispute resolution

    We provide expert support and advisory services in situations involving compliance program scrutiny or disputes.

Our Platform | Your Single Source of Truth

  • Micro-learning Training Videos

    Deliver in-depth training on over 100 compliance topics. From Data Privacy, Conflict of Interest, ESG, Anti-bribery to annual Code of Conduct training, Our library keeps employees in the know.

  • Content that makes an impact

    Drive change with content that makes a difference. MZIZI Africa‚Äôs library of micro-learning content caters to all learning types, grabs employee attention and ensures that key information sticks.

  • Review, create & deploy

    Take control of your policy program and adapt to changing regulations. Work with the confidence of knowing your policies are always up to date.

  • Speak Up

    The closed, fully anonymous and integrated whistle blow system helps build a transparent culture and gives your people a voice.

  • Monitoring & Reports

    Our integrated solution, helps organizations to centralize, manage and effectively structure their corporate record to improve entity governance to better ensure compliance, mitigate risk and improve decision-making.

Compliance Video Courses & Communication Tools

We have created hundreds of engaging compliance communication and video courses to power your compliance.

Every piece of content is contextualised around local scenarios, has a clear message and a call to action.

Although we are a boutique-sized firm, our clientele include corporations operating regionally in Africa who appreciate our ability to meet their requirements with exceptional quality, efficiency, and responsiveness. By deliberately handling a limited number of projects concurrently, we ensure our clients receive personalized attention and support.

Our Track Record

We have addressed compliance challenges faced by clients who operate in a wide range of sectors such as:

  • Healthcare,
  • Agri-business,
  • Agri-fintech,
  • Professional Services
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate
  • Food and Technology
  • Medical Devices
  • Humanitarian


We offer end to end compliance management services - frame-working across legislation, risk assessment, implementation, audit, communication, training and support.

Our Team

We understand the commercial component of your business and know how to access and manage risk. Using our expertise and collaborative approach we will design a compliance program for your organization offering considered advice and a responsive service.

Patricia Lang'at, RL & Partners

Patricia Lang'at

Managing Partner and experienced

litigation and conveyancing practitioner. Patricia She has over 15 years experience in practice as regards commercial

transactions, civil litigation, conveyancing, insurance law,

employment disputes, debt Recovery, judicial review, election petitions, family law and succession. Patricia handles matters in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, the High Court, Subordinate courts and specialist tribunals.

Margaret A. Odhiambo

Margaret is the head of data, training and climate change advisory. She is a seasoned compliance professional with a business mindset. With a background in both legal and commercial management fields, Margaret offers a practical business perspective to compliance. Margaret founded MZIZI Africa after serving for over a decade as a chief compliance officer and sustainability lead and later as commercial leader of a (securities exchange & capital markets) regulated public listed company.

Moses Rotich

Experienced law attorney and Partner with over 10 years experience in civil and commercial litigation involving commercial transactions, constitutional and judicial transactions and judicial (administrative) review matters, employment law, insurance, debt collection, arbitration and mediation, land disputes etc. Moses handles matters in the Supreme Court Court of Appeal, the High Court, Subordinate courts and specialist tribunals.

Isaac O. Vincent

Experienced trial attorney with an aggressive style balanced by a nuanced understanding of the litigation process. Isaac has over ten years experience in dispute resolution and applies his expertise to assess and manage compliance risk and offer decision support.