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Program Evaluation & Improvement

We help our clients to evaluate and improve the efficacy of their ethics and compliance programs. This helps them to prevent misconduct from happening and mitigate its negative outcomes in the event that misconduct does occur.

Risk Assessment

We help clients assess their ethics and compliance risks so that they can design and apply tailor-made compliance interventions.

Training & Development

We help our clients design and implement effective and impactful training & communication programs that bedrock compliance and ethics programs.

Data Analytics & Automation

We assist clients in enhancing the data-driven and automated aspects of their compliance efforts. This empowers compliance teams to respond to evolving situations and circumstances with efficiency and agility.

Independent Monitoring

We act as an independent compliance monitor or consultant, aiding our clients in implementing interventions in response to regulatory compliance incidents, under regulator-mandated remediation agreements.

Fractional Compliance

We offer assistance when clients require access to temporary resources or specialized skills to address compliance issues.

Transactional Support

We assist in overseeing compliance related to risks in M&A transactions through pre-deal due diligence and continuous monitoring of compliance programs.

Dispute Resolution

Our focus is on delivering specialized support and advisory services in situations related to investigations or disputes.