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Program Evaluation & Improvement

One of the Africa's largest aero-medical evacuation companies with a well-established ethics and compliance program at group level discovered a potential data compliance violation. Given a desire by the company’s leadership to ensure the compliance program was fit for purpose and noting the signification gaps that existed between regulation and practice, the company wanted to have an independent evaluation performed on its program.

MZIZI Africa bench-marked the program against applicable standards and industry best practices and engaged with management and employees across all of its major divisions to identify program strengths and improvement opportunities. The exercise culminated in wide ranging and extensive recommendations that would guide the implementation of a suitable compliance program.

Compliance by Design

A start-up operating in the medical sector was in the early process of designing an end-to-end B2B (SaaS) data processing engine with B2C capability. The outputs would include AI guided analytics, medical assistant capability, communication components for use in health programs. The firm engaged MZIZI Africa to provide advisory services that would guide the integration of compliance considerations into the system architecture, regulator approvals and including the conduct of continuous compliance assessments.

MZIZI Africa professionals participated in the system design incorporating compliance elements therein, undertook data protection impact assessment and report to guide the project, engaged with two regulators on aspects requiring their approval, the company’s senior leadership as well as line managers and field personnel across Kenya and government stakeholders in health at county level to evaluate the system’s overall design and incorporate compliance considerations.

Fractional Compliance & Automation

A non-profit representing the interests of other non-profits in the health sector and operating in the region, retained a member of MZIZI Africa serve as Interim Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer (Caas) to oversee and strengthen all aspects of the compliance program, including risk assessments, policies, due diligence, communications, training programs, government disclosures and issue remediation. 

The organisation also signed up to MZIZI Africa's Compliance Management program to obtain insights and automate their program.

Risk Assessment

A Kenyan Company in the commodities (tea) market with off-shore sourcing and export markets engaged MZIZI Africa as part of a team of consultants, to undertake a targeted compliance review and advise on a fit-for-purpose compliance program.