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How we are different.

We bring distingushable value to our clients:

  • We are a law firm, which means attorney-client privilege applies.
  • We have a deliberately narrow focus, our firm is almost exclusively focused on corporate compliance, ethics and governance.
  • We have experience providing professional assistance in advising on the adequacy of corporate compliance, governance & ethics programs.
  • We have worked with companies across a broad range of industries and regulatory frameworks. This has involved helping clients address the substantive governance, compliance and ethics risks that are unique to their industries, as well as helping clients incorporate best practices from outside their own industries that have cross industry applicability.
  • As a boutique firm we do not have the high overhead of larger firms to pass on to clients and instead focus on reducing costs. We have flexible arrangements in terms of billing and work methods.
  • Despite our boutique size, we handle large accounts across jurisdictions who find that we are able to service their needs with high levels of responsiveness, quality and efficiency. We only take a limited number of projects at a time so that our clients can receive maximum attention.
  • We offer unbiased advice that is free from conflicts of interest because of our non affiliated status.

Our Ecosystem

We help organisations build more successful and effective compliance programs and training campaigns. The organizations we represent typically lack a legal infrastructure but we also support in-house counsel meet compliance demands.

Risk Assessment, Policies and Procedures, Confidential Reporting, Training & Communication, Whistle-blowing systems, Investigations, Monitoring & Audits & M&A.

The Village is our new community. We bring together professionals for unique peer group networking events, webinars, compliance workshops & round tables, in a friendly and supportive environment.

We sponsor the local chapter of The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) - using the power of climate contracting to deliver fast and fair decarbonisation through the Zero Carbon Village.

DataHub is a wiki with data protection related decisions and knowledge, enabling anyone to find and share data protection insights from Africa!

DataHub collects and summarizes laws & decisions from the Data Protection Authority (DPA) and courts. We believe a good overview of decisions is key to a debate on the interpretation of contentious data protection issues. 

DataHub Wiki